Ty Curtis Band with Hank Shreve

Day 01

Main Stage

2:00 PM

Ty Curtis, a native of Salem, has a blues mojo that is alive and kicking, a natural musical treat for all that stand before his stage. His offerings have a throwback rock and roll flair with an undeniable southern-fried ambiance. Blended, it all adds up to the authenticity of his blues rock style. After a move to Austin, Texas, Ty worked with Steve Miller Band guitarist Jacob Petersen, making two albums that received high praise and rave reviews. His most recent album, Blame Me, received some of the best reviews of his career. Ty’s musicianship and voice at his live shows are electrifying, draw from the rich blues tradition and leave audiences stunned. “Finding an artist that is an originator like Ty has always been a rare thing,” said David Z, (Prince, Johnny Lang) and he is proving to be an artist that will be around for generations to come.

Ty, who recently moved back to Salem from Austin, teams up for this special Waterfront appearance with Steve Kerin on keyboards and vocals; Dave Kahl on bass; Richard Lawrence, drums; Jerry Jacques, percussion; and Ty’s former longtime bandmate, the brilliant vocalist/harmonica virtuoso, Hank Shreve.

Jul 01