Terry & the Zydeco Bad Boys

Terry & the Zydeco Bad Boys

Day 4

Main Stage

6:30 PM

Terry Domingue grew up in the heart of French Louisiana. Coming of age in this hotbed of Cajun and Creole culture, he developed a passion for zydeco. Since emerging on the scene nearly two decades ago with his own band, Terry & The Zydeco Bad Boys, Terry has been hailed as a rising star who is carrying deeply traditional zydeco into the 21st century.

Growing up immersed in French Creole culture, Terry first heard zydeco at trail rides he attended with his father. At these community gatherings at the intersection of Creole cowboy and musical heritage, four-year-old Terry would stand at the foot of the stage, enthralled by the accordion. After teaching himself to play, Terry got his first accordion at the age of eight. Learning to speak French Creole was also central to his upbringing; his grandparents would not have it any other way.

Terry & The Zydeco Bad Boys have gained international respect since forming in 2001 for the group’s commitment to a zydeco sound that can be traced to the music’s roots in la la music. Across four albums—most recently, 2017’s Allons Zydeco—the band has continued to earn praise for playing some of the most interesting zydeco today, both highly innovative and deeply respectful of tradition.

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