Corey Ledet & Soul Creole

Soul Creole

Day 4

Main Stage

6:30 PM

Soul Creole brings a modern voice to Louisiana French music. Formed in 2012 by Ashlee Wilson Michot on t-fer (triangle fiddle), Grammy nominee Corey Ledet on accordion, and Grammy Award winner Louis Michot (of Lost Bayou Ramblers) on fiddle, Soul Creole is a crossroads for the diverse cultures and music celebrated in South Louisiana.

The band skyrocketed up through the zydeco world in the last few years, earning them national press attention, including from NPR. In live performances, Soul Creole gained a reputation for unrehearsed, high energy sets that unexpectedly could drift from Cajun and zydeco to blues, reggae, pop, soul and oldies.

Each musician has been involved in multiple projects, including a music documentary called American Epic, about the efforts of record companies in the 1920s to capture American roots music.

Said NPR, “Soul Creole is bringing a fresh perspective on the Louisiana sound-scape – a groove for the whole world to dance to.”

Jul 04