Bayou Boyz / Soul Cookin' Throwdown

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July 3

Afternoon & Evening Show

Presented by Let It Ride Group

The Bayou BoyzSteve Kerin (keyboard/vocals), Brian Foxworth (drums/vocals), and David Kahl (bass/vocals) – grew out of a regular Wednesday night gig, Soul Cookin’, which was another instance of something that just grew out of happy circumstance and good timing. Though things had coalesced around David, bringing the legendary bluesman, Lloyd Jones (guitar/vocals), on board for what became Soul Cookin’ is what really got things going. Since David was also working with Ty Curtis (guitar/vocals), there was ample occasion for him to sit in and even substitute, when called. It helped that Ty had idolized Lloyd while honing his own musical chops, ultimately becoming another force to be reckoned with. When these two masters play together, you can see and feel the love.

Individually, there’s a lot of history here, from touring to recording to awards. Collectively, their work shows it. However, it is their approach to the Great American Songbook, firmly rooted in the music of the Mississippi mud and bayou bogs, that brought other illustrious and well-known musicians to become members of an extended Bayou Boyz family. Somehow, a lot of this also bled into Soul Cookin’.

What makes this year’s showing notable is that it’s the first time this particular grouping has officially come together for a show, specifically crafted for the 2021 Waterfront Blues Festival. All the more remarkable is that it has taken 10 years, since this all started, to finally happen. Even with a different format, these guys are prepared, since they have been used to test out gig platforms for/with Northwest Talent Showcase, PDX Couch Tour, Cathedral Park Jazz Festival, Music Mondays, and a couple of different options in conjunction with the Waterfront Blues Festival. The level of satisfaction, from the audience, production staff, and even other musicians speaks volumes.