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Terry Hanck’s music was “too bluesy for the funk crowd, and too funky for the rock ’n’ roll crowd,” of early 1970s California, but it was just right for Elvin Bishop, tried for years to lure Terry to his band before finally succeeding in 1977. A decade of world tours later, Hanck bid a fond farewell to that band and formed his own.

Today that band includes Bay Area monster guitarist Johnny Soubrand, long-time drummer Butch Cousins (younger brother to Robert Cray bassist Richard Cousins), and bassist Tim Wagar, a stalwart of the San Francisco blues scene and beyond (Lavern Baker, James Cotton, Jimmy McCracklin, Lowell Fulson, and Howard Tate).

As Living Blues writer Lee Hildebrand testified, “Hanck is one of the most formidable saxophonists in the blues and soul business. He has a virile tone and attack and an uncanny command of upper-register notes.” Whether it is a joyous jump-blues romp or a steamy slow-dance of a stroll—Terry Hanck makes the kind of music that has mattered to him all his life.