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“Ty’s musicianship and voice at his live shows are electrifying, draw from the rich blues tradition and leave audiences stunned.” – Blues Rock Review

“Finding an artist that is an originator like Ty has always been a rare thing… Ty Curtis is a bright new unique talent”.  – David Z (Prince, Johnny Lang)

Ty Curtis has a Blues mojo that is alive and kicking, a natural musical treat for all that stand before his stage. His offerings have a throwback Rock ‘n Roll flair with an undeniable southern-fried ambiance. Blended, it all adds up to the authenticity of his Blues-Rock Style. His explosion of emotional, power-packed performances captures the undivided attention of audiences with tantalizing guitar fret-work and intellectual lyrics. Add to the mix his exceptional vocals, and in Ty Curtis, you’ve found a classy performer and a major Blues star in the making.

“Ty Curtis is a triple threat, since he is the band’s lead singer, as well as the primary composer of their material, and thirdly he’s a sonically incendiary, string-shredding electric guitar player” – Blues Rock Review

Ty has been winning awards for his vocals and musicianship for the last 10 years. In 2009 his soulful version of “5 Long Years” by Eddie Boyd captivated the audience and earned his band second place in The International Blues Challenge, and lead to performances at The Montreal Jazz Festival in Canada and the St. John’s Blues Festival in the Virgin Islands. Backed by his longtime drummer Jerry Jacques and bassist David Kahl, TY and his fellow musicians bring us tight sounds as if they have been playing together for decades on many podiums with their combination of power blues and classic American Rock style.

“An outstanding singer, TY CURTIS has cred,” says BLUES BLAST MAGAZINE.