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NW Women Rhythm & Blues, “Denise LaSalle Tribute”

Produced by Sonny Hess

Since the death of Koko Taylor, Denise LaSalle was named (The Queen of the blues). Best known her #1 hit song “Trapped by this thing called love” in 1971. Denise passed away this January but her music lives on. Her soulful and bluesy style is one of a kind. People might remember her for sexually explicit lyrics.  Her rugged honesty helped influence female blues singers to express themselves boldly, to feel free about expressing their sexuality in song!! Featuring:

Seattle’s own LADY A, who has been compared to the likes of Tina Turner and Chaka Khan, draws in audiences with her show-stopping performances.

Lady Kat “True Blue,” nicknamed thus because she has a style and technique all her own. She delivers a sultry alto voice that rumbles across the audience like melting butter and makes listeners feel they have been touched by something real!!

Sonny Hess, known far and wide for her sensual guitar playing, songwriting gifts and soulful vocals, local blues legend fires up this show.

Margo Tufo, the White Etta James! Margo is a jewel in the crushed fedora of the blues.

Kathryn Grimm, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, has her hands in many projects, singing, writing and playing guitar.