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“In my travels I’ve heard some great vocal talents, but far fewer are the singers whose every note has the power to move me. When you hear Marilyn the first thing you notice is that beautiful, powerful, sweet voice. But this woman also has a way of reaching right down to the soul of songs and touching them with magic. …Whether you love gospel, soul, blues, jazz, or music by any other name, you will be moved by this woman’s magical voice, by her honesty, and depth of feeling.”  – Darrell Grant

Marilyn T. Keller, 2016 Jazz Society of Oregon Hall of Fame Inductee, brings a special magic to the stage with her charming presence and flawless vocal stylings. Her musical roots are diverse. She joined Black Swan Classic Jazz Band in 1997, quickly establishing a loyal following in the Dixieland and Ragtime scene. She has also remained active in a wide variety of other performance ensembles and styles: The Don Latarski Group, Darrell Grant, Thara Memory, Tall Jazz, Tom Grant, Michael Allen Harrison, Disciples in Song, and the Augustana Jazz Quartet to name a few.

Marilyn’s formative jazz training was as a member of the Mt. Hood Community College Vocal Jazz Ensemble and as the vocalist fronting the award-winning MHCC Jazz Lab Band. She is featured at the Jazz Worship Service at Augustana Lutheran Church every Sunday and can be seen frequently at restaurants, clubs, festivals and holiday events throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Marilyn’s versatility extends to the recording studio and she has contributed her talents to various original CD’s, albums, demos and commercials. Her current discography includes:

* Marilyn’s solo release At Last (available at www.amazon.com)

* How Many Ways with Don Latarski and Chris Stevens (available at www.donlatarski.com)

* How ‘Bout Now and Once in a Blue Moon with Tall Jazz (available at www.talljazz.com)

* Deep Play, Rue II and Live from Eden Hall with Don Latarski and Rue de Blues (available at www.donlatarski.com)


Marilyn Keller’s new project—”Dapipes and Da Killer Band”—include:

Clay “Da Crusher” Giberson on Keys
Al “Da Assassin” Criado on Bass
Mike “Da Murderer” Snyder on Drums
Warren “Da Reaper” Rand on Saxophone
Marilyn “Dapipes” Keller, Vocal Instrument