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Presented by the Cascade Zydeco Association

Horace Trahan is a world-renowned Cajun and Zydeco artist who can pull a mean accordion and belt out vocals that will gives one chills. Trahan started taking accordion lessons when he was 15 from his cousin, Felix Richard. Within six months Trahan booked his first gig.

At 18, Horace hit the road with Cajun/Zydeco legend D.L. Menard, who took him to New York, Boston, Chicago, California Canada, France and the summer Olympics in Atlanta. In 1996, Horace and Menard recorded a CD on Swallow Records and Horace released his own CD, Ossun Blues, for the same label. Six years later, he recorded Get On Board, on the Zydeco Hound label followed in 2001 by That Butt Thing, whose title track became a minor hit in the zydeco/roots music world.

In April of 2012, Horace was invited to collaborate with the Canadian, electro hip-hop band, Radio Radio, on two tracks for the group’s third recording, Havre de Grace, which won ‘best hip-hop album’ at Canada’s ADISQ Awards and the East-Coast Music Awards.

Since age three, Horace’s genuine appreciation for music, is still his source of unwavering creativity, drawing his inspiration from such diverse artists as Iry LeJeune, Aldus Roger, Lawrence Walker, Hank Williams, Hank Williams Jr., George Jones, Wayne Toups, John Delafose, Boozoo Chavis, Beau Jocque, Clifton Chenier, Bob Marley, and Bob Dylan.