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G.R.E.S. Grianças de Zumbi (Children of Zumbi) Samba School of Northeast Portland is a hands-on look at the history of Africans, their drums and the music they made throughout the Diaspora. The school explores each culture affected by African contributions and musical influences throughout the Caribbean, from Africa to Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, North America and Brazil.

G.R.E.S. Grianças de Zumbi Samba School of Northeast Portland is made up of students from three Northeast Portland schools: Faubion, Scott and Vernon. Chuk Barber is the Afro-Brazilian Cultural Director, Keli Davis the Afro-Brazilian Artistic Dance Director.

Grianças de Zumbi (pronounced ‘zoombee’) are named after Zumbi dos Palmares (1655-1695), an African slave freedom fighter and leader of the Quilombo cos Palmares of Alagosa, Brazil. The Quilombo were fugitive slave settlements. Quilombo cos Palmares was a self-sustaining republic of escaped slaves escaped from the Portuguese settlements in Brazil, with a population at its height of 30,000.