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Dexter Ardoin hails from one of the most revered families in Louisiana music, true royalty in the world of zydeco. The family legacy started with legendary Creole musician Amédé Ardoin, the first Louisiana Cajun or Creole accordionist to record; followed by Bois Sec Ardoin, one of the best-known practitioners of the state’s rural Creole sound for six decades; and Lawrence “Black” Ardoin and the Ardoin Brothers, and has been passed on for generations from one accordion player to the next. Dexter, the traditionalist in the family performs the music of his grandfather, Bois Sec, from whom he learned to play the accordion, and of his father, Morris, and his uncles. In addition to fronting his own group, multi-instrumentalist Dexter has played in the bands of Sheryl Cormier, Willis Prudhomme, Nathan Williams, and his cousin, Chris Ardoin.