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Anne Weiss

“Anne Weiss is a vocalizing treasure. She’s a songwriter, blues belter, gospel wailer, multi-instrumentalist, with an enormous, soulful voice…an unusual cross between Janice Joplin and Joni Mitchell, with some Aretha thrown in for good measure”.  –Portland S.E. Examiner

 “In a city like Portland that is filled with outstanding musicians of numerous genres, Anne Weiss stands tall when it comes to talent and songwriting. Her original blues are stand-outs. A tremendous vocalist, she is also a multi-instrumentalist who may take on a song behind a guitar, blues ukulele or piano at any given moment. And she is more than exceptional at all”.— Cascade Blues Association

Anne Weiss is a blues, soul and roots music singer/songwriter, guitarist and pianist with five albums to her credit. She studied classical piano, joined a street gang, became a mountaineer, developed a guitar obsession, worked as a political organizer, learned to salsa dance, became addicted to delta blues, sang with a 100-voice gospel choir, and yes, you will hear it all in her music.

Combining soulful blues, acoustic funk, contemporary folk, gospel music, and smatterings of classical phrasing and Latin rhythms, Anne is known for her enormous bluesy voice, great guitar chops, and striking stage presence. Anne adds funk(!) ukulele and emotive piano work to many of her performances. She is a standout songwriter who has been covered by many artists.

Anne’s first recording work was with Shawn Colvin and Dar Williams. It wasn’t long before she was opening concerts for Richie Havens and Chris Smither. Three decades later, Anne has performed with everyone from Ani DiFranco to Taj Mahal. She tours internationally and is featured at blues, folk, world music festivals, and teaches, performs, and produces music in at her home base, Portland Oregon.

Anne is an engaging, funny, spontaneous performer, with an obvious joie de vivre and love of walking out on new musical and cultural edges. More about her musical adventures can be found  at www.anneweiss.com

On Saturday on the Crossroads Stage, Anne appears with her trio, and will also present an afternoon Kids’ Blues Jam. Anne will sing and play guitar with blues songs that have a catchy chorus that she’ll teach the kids so they can sing along, clap in time, and do call-and-response…. And be featured soloists on the complimentary harmonicas, kazoos, or percussion instruments provided during the workshop.